Volunteers’ Program in Vilcabamba, Ecuador


Welcome to Ecovillage Chambalabamba! an area of community experience in development. You can spend time participating in the Volunteer’s Program which includes organic gardening, agroforestry implementation, biodynamics, natural construction, art workshops, creative projects, alternative school, carpentry, vegetarian cuisine, Hatha yoga, jewelry, etc. You could also experience the dynamic organization of this living experiment, in which we are creating a caring and sustainable culture. Living with each other, we cooperate and share resources so that we can live more lightly and joyfully on earth.

We are currently under construction and development of homes, veggie gardens, medicinal gardens, and educational projects, where daily work with physical effort is required, but there is also the chance to get involved in intellectual and spiritual work. Here you will find a balance for a fulfilling life.

It is very important that the volunteer has a sense of community and the desire to live, even temporarily, within those parameters.

In Chambalabamba we are also open to new volunteers and people who wish to live here, with an artistic spirit, creative, with passion, builders, carpenters, gardeners, horticulturists, people with commitment and perseverance in the purposes we undertake communally, people of noble heart willing to live a dream of alternative life.

To be a volunteer it is necessary to be at least one month, but first you must share 3 days of activities staying outside or within the community ($ 5 per night). Then if everything flows harmoniously for you and the community, you can stay as a volunteer. After the first month, if you wish to continue as a volunteer, we will see if there is room within the reserves and if the community agrees you can stay. The cost is $ 20 per week plus $ 10 deposit that is returned at the end of volunteering having met the minimum of one month and delivering the sheets and blankets clean and in good condition. We have a community lunch from Monday to Friday and flour, oatmeal and panela to use in your other meals. We ask for a lot of attention and commitment with the order and cleanliness of the spaces. Please confirm date of arrival and departure to organize with the other people who want to come. As well as if decide not to notify. It is necessary to reconfirm your arrival 7 ± 1 days before the date. Otherwise your place is available to other possible volunteers.

Once being a volunteer, you will have access to:

  • 1 – Excellent quality of life in a natural setting, surrounded by clear water and a tropical climate, one of the best in the world.
  • 2 – Delicious vegetarian lunch from Monday to Friday. Oats, panela (a type of brown sugar) and whole wheat flour is provided for you to prepare your meals anytime.
  • 3- Internet access throughout the land.
  • 4 – Free participation in our workshops and creative research.
  • 5 – Washing machine.
  • 6 – Hot water shower.
  • 7 – Stage with sound equipment.
  • 8 – Volunteer house with a small lounge area and with 7 sleeping spaces, including 2 beds for couples. Tent camping also available.
  • 9 – Beautiful swimming pond and many accesses to River Chamba.
  • 10 – In case of a family with children, they can participate in our alternative school.
  • 11 – Harvesting food from the land, with a conscious mind.

Please email us if you wish to participate in our volunteer program. We will answer you as soon as possible.

We are open from Monday to Friday to receive visitors. Visitors may join us for lunch around 1:30 for a small donation. If you would like a tour after lunch, please let us know in advance. If you are coming in a group for lunch, please tell us how many so we can prepare enough food.

Check out our facebook group for past and future volunteers!