Via a Yamburara Alto, Ecuador


Walking to Chambalabamba (1609 MSL):
From the central square, you should leave from the bottom street/Easternmost corner in the plaza (park/square) where the traffic light is, in the direction of Yamburara Alto neighborhood, about 1.5 miles. Eventually, after about 45 min walk, there is a small yellow chapel on the right side of the road. The entrance to Chambalabamba is about 650 feet past this on the right, where you will see a large metal gate. Go down this long steep driveway towards the river, to the community (about 8 minutes walking).

Taxi to Chambalabamba:
The easiest, fastest option is taking a taxi (a white 4×4 truck with green stripe) from town for $3. Tell the taxi driver “Chambalabamba”, everyone knows it. Ask him to take you all the way down to the “parqueadero”.

Contact Us

Chambalabamba Eco-Aldea / Eco-Community
Yamburara Alto, Vilcabamba
PO Box 1109 Postal Code 110161 Ecuador

Phone / whatsapp +593 98 029 0103
Phone / whatsapp +593 98 418 6194
Phone / whatsapp +593 99 773 0646

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