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Are you serious? Seriousitis is what many people have and believe me it is serious, seriously. I have had it up to here with "serious people". I know there is a law against complaining about anything, but why respect laws, i never agreed to any of them. There needs to be only one law: arrest and incarcerate all "serious" people and let them be in the same cell and sentence them to death by boredom, a hard and painful way to go.

Are there any insignificant people among you? There must be someone who feels that way, not everyone can be signifcant. It is necessary to have both or what is the point of having these words, etc.

Yet its hard to find anyone who feels insignificant, it seems everyone feels special in some kind of way. I am sure however, that there are cultures where such comparisons have no signicance as everyone is granted certain status, that raises them above insignicant. But, imagine China with those zillions of people buzzing about. I believe that in this kind of culture it is possible for people to reach a stultifying degree of feeling insignificant, like baby chicks might feel, if they had the intelligence, as they are being swept along a conveyor belt, soon to be crushed for dog food.

Certainly some people seem more significant than others, but where I live, everyone seems equally significant, i''m glad to report. There is a neighbor, an ecuadorian with only one eye, his other eye has no eye and is just empty. He walks about in a very humble, insignificant way as he seems to live alone with his dog.

Why would one wish to champion the insignificant, because perhaps, these are the poor, suffering people who hardly can get by, for whatever reason. And one's heart goes out to them, some of them may never had had a chance, who knows how people become whatever they are, perhaps they endured humiliation, or whatever, black people who seem to have the cards stacked against them with systemic prejudice, women, with centuries of injustices against them, and so many other groups that have been vilified and maltreated. If we only could know how each person has become who they are, I am sure that we would feel compassion easier. It could be a very important step to bring the human family together.

Who will champion the bugs and worms that we haphazardly kill? One can choose between killing ants in one's kitchen whenever you see one or letting them live. This being the case, I wouldn't be the one to be standing up for them. I leave that to you. Who will stand for the cockroach? The rat? Not me, though rats can be great pets.

Who stands for the insignificant, our lost brothers and sisters? I'm kind of busy/overwhelmed with things and have no time to give. I am hoping that some kind hero type will step in and do the deed, so to speak.

And finally what's the buzz on flies? Their brains must be exquisite, since they are able to fly better than most all flying creatures, yet they seem so annoying. Who would put their body between the swatter and the fly? There are seemingly so many unpopular things. Maybe you have felt unpopular some times in your life? We could bond under that banner, standing for unpopular things. These would be the heroes of today. To love the worst. It seems like the roadway to sainthood, to joy and jubilation.
<![CDATA[Resolve Childhood Trauma]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 21:04:18 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/resolve-childhood-trauma
Humans are so expressive, their faces. My cousin had a very deformed kind of boy who was also severely mentally handicapped, but his eyes and his smile showed that he could feel a lot.

Let's imagine that the relaxed state was the base of all feelings. there is no limit to the depth of one's relaxed state, relaxed and peaceful are almost the same. Imagine the tension one would feel being in a refugee camp, under the thumb of a well armed authority. In this circumstance to relax would be almost a luxury, reserved only for the privileged. Still, everyone needs to know how to be relaxed, especially in dangerous situations.

Perhaps to be fully relaxed, you cannot have any subconscious programs running, that is, all trauma from the past, especially those from childhood need to be released, since otherwise, it affects one's entire life in a negative way.

Children are so sensitive, that is perhaps why they cry so easily. They may be even more sensitive than their parents. The parents may be overburdened with many children, little money, illness, etc. it is easy for a child's needs to get overlooked at times while growing up. It may feel unfair, unloving, and disconnected. Children will always devise a strategy to survive, maybe not always the best strategy. Its that strategy which endures, lurking in the subconscious, waiting to be triggered, and it needs to go since it no longer serves.

Since our cultures are so toxic and traumatic, many people have experienced this, each in their own way. What might happen is that the adult can look back and perhaps remember the strategy that they utilized at the time. And the feeling that was surpressed or left unattended was the resentment and hurt that one had towards one's parents for their lack of attention, or affection, unfairness or whatever, which has layed buried in the subconscious, while on the other hand the young child loves his parents in some kind of unconditonal way at the same time. So that there is a dichotomy created; the resentment/ anger/ hurt and the love. The first gets buried and forgotten, but it doesn't go away, and when something triggers it, it explodes, disrupting relationships.

One way to rid yourself of this curse is to quietly contemplate yourself as a young person at this time and try to remember an incident which had been painful for you and one in which you were essentially powerless, but you had to respond in one way or another and whatever way you did, this, we could call your "strategy". And try to identify and feel the feelings that you had at that moment. Notice the hurt that you felt, and your sense of injustice, powerlessness, and perhaps some resentment towards your parents. This resentment is what probably got buried, because you were torn between that feeling and your love for your parents, which may have outweighed things and the resentment got buried. This is what gets wedged into your subconscious, both the strategy and the feelings. All of this, laying dormant somewhere in your subconscious, until it is revived through some external trigger. It could have a bad affect on your health in many different ways.

Its like living with something rotting inside. Take the time to reflect and visit your younger self and realize that now you can have compassion for yourself, in your innocense, vulnerability and confusion, and for your parents who due to whatever reasons were unable to give you the love and attention that you needed. Now, you can see, that it really wasn't about you, it wasn't that you were not worthy of their love, it was that they could only do as well as they did, and for whatever reason, it wasn't adaquate for a sensitive child like yourself. It could lead to losing one's sense of dignity and gaining insecurity and shame. Some things that you may have had to overcome as much as you could growing up. Understanding this as an adult can help you to have forgiveness from the heart, it has to be real, not just mental, and following this with compassion and love both for yourself and for your parents. This is the cure.
<![CDATA["Everything keeps falling apart, the washing machine, the toaster, my marriage, the whole damn world!"]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 20:51:24 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/everything-keeps-falling-apart-the-washing-machine-the-toaster-my-marriage-the-whole-damn-worldIt was one of those days. Going to town, the roads were under construction, now for some time. His motorcycle wouldn't start, so he needed to take a taxi. A tooth had fallen out, unexpectedly, and the dentist had consented to see him right away. But it was taking forever to make the normally 10 minute drive and being late, could mean a delay for days. Breathe deeply, one must accept everything, he mantrad in his mind. One can learn from these things. What though? Patience, he guessed. He was always learning that and his patience really had grown, but it never was quite enough. There was some pain where his tooth had been, and that just added to the feeling that everything was in retrograde in the cosmos, and that the universe had abandoned him. He really believed he had its support as long as he was in alignment with the divine, that is, had a pure heart. He wondered how he had strayed.

The dentist was happy to see him, he was only 15 minutes late, and that was within the accepted range of lateness. The dentist told him that there was an inflammation, and that he had to decide whether to have an implant or a bridge. He gave him a prescription to alleviate the pain while he took the time to decide which it would be. He said, "I’ll take the bridge, he had read a book that was all about how implants lead to cancer. And he had all of his implants removed by this very same dentist, even 2 that the dentist had put in.

Meanwhile, he was worried about losing his wife of many years. He really loved her, he really depended on her. She did everything for him, and he had grown totally dependent on her care. But now she had told him just this same morning, that she wanted to leave. He was shocked and couldn’t believe it. "I thought she was happy. What happened?" She said she didn’t want to talk about it. But would prefer to live alone. They never had had any children, he was sterile.

It really was too much for him to absorb, like sometimes when you hear someone close has died. This day had to be one of the worst in his whole life. He decided to walk back home, which might take about an hour, just to let things settle, and see if he could figure out what to do next. So he began the long trek up the mountain road to where he lived. He couldn’t believe she really was leaving. Was there any chance she could be persuaded to stay? It seemed likely not, since she had been so firm this morning. What had he done wrong, he pondered. He always paid her lots of attention and really appreciated everything about her. Its true he was often busy with the internet, and his focus really did exclude her at those times. He just felt that there was so much information he needed to learn, just to navigate through this life.

Everything was so confusing. The whole world seemed to be falling apart. And he felt so helpless about it. Also, he questioned his relationships, how deep were they really? He couldn’t tell the falseness from the real. His intuition just wasn’t reliable. So many times he had been betrayed by so called friends. He was too trusting, like a child. Suddenly, a taxi pulled over in front of him, a friend was beckoning him to get inside. He climbed aboard.

"Hola my friend, how are things?"

“Honestly, i don’t know any more", he answered. "I feel lost.” A concerned look appeared on his friend's face. "Come with me, I am hiking to the waterfall and I would appreciate your company." His friend was someone he really respected, always kind and thoughtful. He seemed rather wise and had had an extraordinary life. They got out at the trailhead, and began walking.

"Are you still with your wife?", he asked his friend, knowing that they lived in separate countries. "No, we have decided to go different ways. We have 3 grown sons, and both of us keep close contact with them".

"My wife is leaving me", he blurted out suddenly. "I don’t even know why. I don’t know what to do. Today, could be the worst day of my life. It seems that everything is falling apart.”

His friend gave him an empathetic look that felt so sincere that he felt moved to hug him. "We are always going to be encountering difficulties and losses my friend, we all share in that. Just sit with it, for awhile, and imagine that somehow, things will work out in the end in your favor". I took his words to heart and began to breathe a little easier.

Writer's Group, Vilcabamba 9/12/18

Proferred sentences:

Everything keeps falling apart, the washing machine, the toaster, my marriage, the whole damn world!
All the Little jail birds went tweet
Are all microsms a reflection of one inner reality
Senator John mcains foreign policy went bam, bam, bam bamiran
Change seems to be in the wind.
The linguist twisted all his Word into bagel like smoke rings
I put cream on my tongue to write a poem.
The source of all positive change is a change of heart.
<![CDATA[Everything Is Constantly Falling Apart (an opinion of someone who only knows that he only knows nothing for sure)]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 20:47:22 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/everything-is-constantly-falling-apart-an-opinion-of-someone-who-only-knows-that-he-only-knows-nothing-for-sure
Everything is constantly falling apart. You can call it the "law of entropy". We had 3 leaks in one roof last night, Breakage can't be stopped, only delayed. One needs to fix things all the time almost. Why isn't this taught in schools; how to fix things? Its fun to know how things work. Glass is just asking to be smashed. Hearts are broken everytime a relationship ends. Machines are going to break. Cars are constantly needing repairs. Teeth are falling out. Refrigerators need repairs as do washing machines eventually. Don't ever buy a used one. "Relationships are sinking ships", Osho said. Agreements are broken. Trust is betrayed. Buildings are bombed or earthquaked. Everything gets polluted. Where does it end? It doesn't, nations fall apart, stocks crash, financial systems go bankrupt. Computers fail.

Everything needs to be fixed constantly. This however may be a clue as to what is the purpose of our lives; to fix things. If we are not handy or technical we need someone who is. Otherwise we are lost, we end up surrounded by broken machines and tools, broken marriages, It could all be leading to the point where there is nothing one can do other than meditate. And then who will fix the world? Is this not the grand purpose for everyone? Why were we born into a world of enslavement, injustice, and poverty? Because we are here to fix it and create a paradise for everyone. It seems obvious to me. Once we create paradise our purpose might be just to flow and be a part of the love that is everywhere, though we will still have to occasionally fix things, or let the robots do it.

Can you align yourself with your soul? Can you live virtuously and nobly without any shame or guilt in your emotional vocabulary? Can you above all else, just be love? Can you identify with that? Satisfying the ego (who we think we are, but really aren't) is just like eating sugar candy. It feels good, but its bad for the body. Satisfying the ego doesn't serve your soul. One must constantly notice if what one does, satisfies the ego or comes from the heart and with time, one only will come from the heart. It is a practice. This is fixing your life. Don't waste it, its passing by so fast, leave/ live with no regrets.
Todo se desmorona constantemente (una opinión de alguien que solo sabe que no sabe nada con certeza)

Todo se desmorona constantemente. Puedes llamarlo la "ley de la entropía". Anoche tuvimos 3 fugas en un mismo techo. La rotura no se puede detener, solo se retrasó. Uno necesita arreglar cosas casi todo el tiempo. ¿Por qué no se enseña esto en las escuelas? cómo arreglar las cosas? Es divertido saber cómo funcionan las cosas. Glass solo pide que lo rompan. Los corazones se rompen cada vez que termina una relación. Las máquinas se van a romper. Los autos constantemente necesitan reparaciones. Los dientes se están cayendo. Los refrigeradores necesitan reparaciones al igual que las lavadoras eventualmente. Nunca compre uno usado. "Las relaciones son naves hundidas", dijo Osho. Los acuerdos están rotos. La confianza es traicionada. Los edificios son bombardeados o terremotos. Todo se contamina. ¿Dónde termina? No es así, las naciones se derrumban, las acciones colapsan, los sistemas financieros van a la quiebra. Las computadoras fallan.

Todo debe ser reparado constantemente. Sin embargo, esto puede ser una pista sobre cuál es el propósito de nuestras vidas; arreglar cosas Si no somos prácticos o técnicos, necesitamos a alguien que lo sea. De lo contrario, estamos perdidos, terminamos rodeados de máquinas y herramientas rotas, matrimonios rotos, todo podría estar llevando al punto donde no hay nada que uno pueda hacer aparte de meditar. Y entonces, ¿quién arreglará el mundo? ¿No es este el gran propósito para todos? ¿Por qué nacimos en un mundo de esclavitud, injusticia y pobreza? Porque estamos aquí para arreglarlo y crear un paraíso para todos. Me parece obvio. Una vez que creamos el paraíso, nuestro propósito podría ser solo fluir y ser parte del amor que está en todas partes, aunque tendremos que arreglar ocasionalmente las cosas, o dejar que los robots lo hagan.

¿Puedes alinearte con tu alma? ¿Puedes vivir virtuosa y noblemente sin vergüenza o culpabilidad en tu vocabulario emocional? ¿Puedes por encima de todo, ser solo amor? ¿Puedes identificarte con eso? Satisfacer el ego es como comer azúcar dulce. Se siente bien, pero es malo para el cuerpo. Satisfacer al ego no sirve a tu alma. Uno debe notar constantemente si lo que uno hace, satisface al ego o viene del corazón y con el tiempo, uno solo vendrá del corazón. Es una practica Esto está arreglando tu vida. No lo desperdicies, pasa tan rápido, vete / vive sin remordimientos.
<![CDATA[Are You Awake? Ha!///¿Estás despierto? Ja!]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 20:29:40 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/are-you-awake-haestas-despierto-ja
Are you awake? I do not believe it. I think you are still under the control of your ego, your false sense of who you are. It may seem arrogant to assume that, and I hope I'm wrong, but... how can you say you're awake when the governments of the United States are constantly at war, that is, killing, murdering and maiming in enormous numbers? people indiscriminately, littering huge areas, making millions of refugees, wars that aren't necessary, that aren't defensive, that don't serve the American people in any way, and hardly anyone looks up? When all that money they earn and spend on the military could feed the world and erase hunger and do so much more good?

The government is criminal, really criminal and if the people are so awake, how can they incessantly commit large-scale atrocities in front of everyone and everyone happily accepts it? You could be dressed in white, “working on yourselves”, on a “spiritual path”, chanting the name of God (does God really have a name?), or exhaling loudly at others and imagining that it is “spiritual”. But how spiritual is someone who blindly stands by while these atrocities fill the entire world? Why aren't all spiritual people activists? Perhaps because they are not really "spiritual" but just think they are. The illusion of the ego is not who you really are, it is also equally possible with the illusion of "spirituality".

We are born into a world that is broken, that is out of control, that is corrupt, that is unjust. There are so many things that need to be fixed. If your house is on fire, your main goal is to get out of the house and help put out the fire. Awake! Get out of the house and put out the fire!

I think if you're not an activist, you're not really spiritual, you're just deluded. However, not all activists are spiritual, but all spiritual people must be activists.
despierto? Ja!

¿¿Estás despierto? No lo creo. Creo que todavía estás bajo el control de tu ego, tu falso sentido de quién eres. Tal vez parezca arrogante asumir eso, y espero estar equivocado, pero... ¿cómo puedes decir que estás despierto cuando los gobiernos de los Estados Unidos están en constante guerra, es decir, matando, asesinando y mutilando en números enormes? la gente indiscriminadamente, ensucia áreas enormes, hace que millones de refugiados, guerras que no son necesarias, que no son defensivas, que no sirven al pueblo estadounidense de ninguna manera, y casi nadie mira hacia arriba? ¿Cuando todo ese dinero que ganan y gastan en el ejército podría alimentar al mundo y borrar el hambre y hacer mucho más bien?

El gobierno es criminal, realmente criminal y si la gente está tan despierta, como pueden cometer incesantemente atrocidades a gran escala frente a todos y todos lo aceptan felizmente? Podrían estar vestidos de blanco, “trabajando en ustedes mismos”, en un “camino espiritual”, cantando el nombre de Dios (¿realmente Dios tiene un nombre?), o exhalando fuerte a los demás e imaginando que es “espiritual”. Pero, ¿qué tan espiritual es alguien que ciegamente se mantiene al margen mientras estas atrocidades llenan en el mundo entero? ¡Por qué no todas las personas espirituales son activistas? Tal vez, porque no son realmente "espirituales", pero simplemente creen que lo son. La ilusión del ego no es quién eres realmente, también es posible igualmente con la ilusión de la "espiritualidad".

Nacemos en un mundo que está roto, que está fuera de control, que es corrupto, que es injusto. Hay tantas cosas que necesitan ser arregladas. Si su casa está en llamas, su objetivo principal es salir de la casa y ayudar a apagar el fuego. ¡Despierto! ¡Sal de la casa y apaga el fuego!

Creo que si no eres un activista, no eres realmente espiritual, simplemente estás engañado. Sin embargo, no todos los activistas son espirituales, pero todas las personas espirituales deben ser activistas.
<![CDATA[The Quicksand of Delusion]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 20:20:36 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/the-quicksand-of-delusion
It's amazing how far the eyes can see. Its amazing how the earth, the soil we walk on, the very same soil that we call dirt, that we cover with cement provides all lthe nutrients necessary for such a wide assortment of seeds to grow into all the plants that cover the planet, the plantit it should be called. It is amazing how the air that is so serene can become so violent and yet it keeps us alive. And how water keeps cleaning everything and at the same time sustains all of life. It really is amazing, when you think about it. Of course, if I had created it, I would have made rain warm chocolate with many colors, but I am not complaining. Its amazing that the world as we know it, so complex, so infinite and teeming with life, so huge and so small, and it all works together somehow. Only our species, it seems can wonder and be filled with awe and be so awfull at the same time. It is so much easier to destroy than to create.

When actions don't serve love, but rather serve ego (our false sense of identity) things go astray, we step away or out of the divine alignment of everything. Yet, from the consequences of our actions we can see that we have strayed and we can adjust and return to the divine alignment one might hope. But the ego, the grand illusion, can blind us such that we don't self correct and the misalignment deepens to the point that mass murder (war) is accepted and goes unpunished, along with mass extinction, pollution, etc.

How crazy we have become from I believe, this false idea of who we are. How is it that in many large s. american cities there are children living on the streets with no one to take care of them and no resources? How is this permitted? How can mankind standby and not correct this? I appeal to all billionaires and milliionaires to buy a large tract of land in beautiful nature and construct villages for them to live and grow up with every advantage.

While capitalism pits man against man in order to survive and is inherently a system that serves ego, it can serve love some times. Though it is not clear if capitalism is the seminal factor that generates war, it seems so. Certainly capitalism is the mother of crime and corruption. But deeper than the imposition of capitalism and the resultant commercialization of all life, perhaps is the need for humanity to develop a consciousness of connection and love that one might find in a nondysfuntional family. So that war, crime, pollution, and street children would never be possible.

Which takes us back to our fundamental delusion, the concept of who we are as individuals. The idea that we are not the drop in the ocean, but that the ocean is in the drop. If one were to simply examine the body and discover that we are made up of many different forms of life that we call bacteria, that outnumber our human cells, we could see how "me" really only refers to our consciousness, our individual perspective and nothing else. It doesn't define us any more than our name defines us.

​Living under this illusion of who we are is what needs to be broken if we are to survive and enjoy all the gifts that we have been given. We are given the gift of nuclear energy and what do we do with it, we make a bomb. We are given the gift of sight and we make rifles with telescopic sights. It seems blasphemous, but what good does it do to blame? The serial killer murders innocents, but why? Because perhaps, he was terribly abused as an infant. Blaming is missing the point, What is more important is to understand the root cause, if we are to ever extract ourselves from the quicksand of our delusion
<![CDATA[Oh, To Be Young and Zen Again]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 20:10:20 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/oh-to-be-young-and-zen-again
Since the days of the hippies, many of what used to be considered "counter culture" have become mainstream; yoga, spirituality, marijuana, long hair, colorful clothes, meditation, incense, environmental awareness, vegetarianism, organic farming, plant medicine, health, anti-government. This obviously, is all good. And of course, there is little awareness or appreciation of how much good the hippy movement has brought into the world, and some people still think of hippies as dirty druggies which they were, but actually only a minority, because like any large, amorphous group, one will find a huge array of variations.

The popularity and comprehension of what is Zen, is another outgrowth of the hippies. And I want to bring clarity to this concept of "being zen". As always, I can only offer my opinions, and these, therefore are not presented as "facts". Zen could be thought of as the oppositie of neurotic. Zen is always being "on target". Think of the zen archer. Zen is not doing too much and not doing too little. Zen is not doing something ahead of time or too late. Zen is not saying things that are unnecessary or redundant, Zen is not wasting anything. Zen is not worrying, but rather, only having concerns. Zen is maintaining equanimity and remaining calm under all circumstances. This last one is what distinguishes a "master", because this could be the most difficult to attain, that is, an unshakeable equanimity. This one takes the most inner work. Probably to attain this, one must first be connected deeply with the infinite peace that underlies all existence (maybe). A certain detachment is necessary.

The other element that I believe is crucial in one's spiritual development is to remove all the blocks that keeps one's heart from opening to love. Imagine that who we all really are, is love (the verb). Everything else is hubris, ego, superficial, we just might be the embodiment of love.

If we can just be our true selves which is the same as being true to oneself. We need to know what is blocking our hearts from being wide open. Our cultures really gives us a lot of beliefs that are not actually true; one is the materialistic view of most everything, especially ourselves. Seeing ourselves as a "thing", a body, a personality, a separate entity, a human being. This is a materialistic concept of who we are. We come out of our mothers with the ability to transform energy from the sun into diferentiated cells that grow continuously until eventually the body loses its ability to do this and we "die". Initially this solar energy comes to us in the form of mother's milk. It had to go through many transmutations to finally come into our bodies as babies, and then more transmutations to utilize this energy for the cells to grow and differentiate. The only thing the baby has to do, is suck on it's mother's breast, the rest is done without the need of any conscious decisions or acts. It is all done for us. We don't ever have to know why or how. We can call it a "miraculous gift", the opportunity to experience "life".

As we grow in our consciousness, we discover that many things are unclear, that life is a mystery. What are we supposed to do with it? Freud clarified the parameters of human behavior as seeking pleasure, avoiding pain. On one level that seems to be true. Marshall Rosenburg, the founder of non-violent communication (cnvc.org) describe human behavior as always simply attempting to satisfy needs, consciously or unconsciously. Maslow was perhaps the first to make a list of what seems to be the essential needs of humans and there is a list on the cnvc.org website.

What might be the main thing that hangs people up from just "being love" is all this confusion about who we are. The ego (that who we believe we are but really aren't) never feels that it is worthy enough. It constantly needs bolstering. It makes loving oneself 100%, 100% impossible. Then to complicate matters, there are all those things that happened to us as children that robbed us of our dignity and self respect, that got buried in our unconscious, since we had no idea how to effectively deal with these traumatic experiences and often had no wise adult to help us through them. So one must get out of the domination of the ego, to stop identifying with "yourself", which sounds pretty tricky because it is. One might constantly ask oneself, am I doing this to satisfy my ego or am I doing this out of love? It might help to realize that whatever serves the ego doesn't serve your higher self, and to step out of competing and comparing. Humility, feeling neither greater or lesser in your essence than anyone else is a prerequisite. If I sound like an old hippy, its because I am one, though young at heart, and still sound in body and mind.
<![CDATA[Do you eat to live or live to eat? Clown existentialism]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2022 19:55:48 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/do-you-eat-to-live-or-live-to-eat-clown-existentialism
What is more important, to eat to live, or to live to eat? This is one of those existential clown questions. My opinion is that I live to eat. For me, it could be a purpose for my life. It took about 4 and a half billion years to make it possible for me to enjoy the taste, smell, and texture of food in my mouth. It is a pleasure that "I" get to enjoy. 

The question is how and why and who? Every day I get to enjoy these sensations, so private, so exclusive. Others may join me and experience similar enjoyable sensations, but for each of us, it is ours' alone.

It really is an intriguing mystery how it is that some tastes are better than others and who or what it is that gets to enjoy the experience. I could be bound and blindfolded and someone could place a spoonful of food in my mouth and my focus would be limited to this experience. There would be nothing else but this taste sensation. This would be my whole world for this moment.

There could be 7 billion mouths open and I am the one experiencing this. Such a treasure pleasure! Of course, I would be even happier if I knew that everyone might have a similar experience and no one would go hungry. I wouldn't want to be the only one on the planet getting fed. It wouldn't seem fair. It would be like the father gets fed, while everyone else in the family goes hungry. It would not be a noble act and to be human is to be noble, anything less than noble is to minimize the human experience.

Of course we are not really human, that is just a term that we use to distinguish ourselves from other animals. It is not who we really are. It might be who we are as a species, but not who we are as individuals. We are much more than that. Right now, to be human embodies the whole range of possibilities from being a saint to a Hitler. I would rather elevate the term to mean to have a noble character is human and anything less than that is less than human. That is one way to look at it.

I could take it a step further and say, to be human is to find the "clown" within. Just as everyone has a heart, everyone has a clown within. This is why humanity suffers so much today; people don't realize the clown within and live too seriously and take themselves too seriously. Can you imagine a world where everyone is joking most of the time? This is the world I dream of. Of course, we might have to make a world that is more playful and plentiful, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potentialities. Then everyone might be more lighthearted.

Unfortunately, as it is today, there are too many serious problems for people to really lighten up. Its almost a crime for one to be happy under such conditions. It is for the clown hero to break through this malaise and be happy and funny. Of course, he risks crucifixion, since some people might be offended by such behavior, like laughing at a funeral.

Most clowns are not funny and are naturally hated by the masses. After all a clown is supposed to be funny and if he really isn't, but merely cloying and sappy, its natural that people will be disturbed and disgusted, just as it would be if a singer would sing off key. So, this hatred for clowns is not really a prejudice, but something well deserved.

But there are those one in a million kind of clown that is original, charming, profound, and funny and people need to be open to him/her, just like you would open a curtain to let the sun in. That is, just because perhaps it has been cloudy for days, when the sun actually appears, it would be best to be open to receiving it. This is to not be prejudiced, as it would be as ridiculous as to hate the sun for not appearing during a long stretch of cloudy days, like in the rainy season.

Which brings me to the beauty of the "ridiculous". Something that is entirely overlooked and dismissed by most of the human species. Ridiculous is actually a pejorative term. People hate to be thought of as "ridiculous". When in reality, "humans" (forgive me for using this term, but I don't know what else to call them/us) are the only animals who have the sensibility to experience the ridiculous and hence the only animal, it seems, with a sense of humor. Imagine the world without humor, it would be as bad as a world without women, or a world without color, or music. Of all the animals, only humans can have a sense of the ridiculous..

To laugh is one of the most amazing things that we can do. If someone says something so funny, that you just have to laugh, just like you might just have to sneeze, its an amazing phenomenom, since I think only "humans" actually laugh. I am pretty sure that laughing hyenas don't really laugh. You will notice that most all these things that I speak of, involves the mouth. Can you imagine if we didn't have mouths and we had to eat through our ears or our noses? We could have been designed like that. It would have been one less step to create in making our faces. It might have been easier for the creator, or whoever is the author of our faces to have left out that step, just for the sake of expediency. So we can be grateful, I might assume that that didn't happen. Maybe we would only speak through our eyes. And if we ate through our ears, would our ears have tongues? These are questions only a clown would ponder.

<![CDATA[A Ridiculous Animal!]]>Fri, 01 Apr 2022 00:44:57 GMThttp://chambalabamba.org/blogs/a-ridiculous-animal
Living virtuously, nobly, living your principles is a spiritual path, like being grateful when a dog doesn't bark. These are relatively easy things for every human being. Many people may be compromised and parasitic, but they could drop all of that and regain their humanity. Of course, capitalism creates a rapacious tone that is linked to crime and corruption. And we are all under this domain, this control. It seems so absurd to have to pay to live on this planet. We are the only creatures in nature that do this. There is no other way to hold everyone accountable for their actions, many people falsely assume. There is always a lot of work to be done in order to live and prosper and someone has to do it or civilizations would simply disappear like the pyramids in Mexico. Nature is unstoppable, and we are nature.

We are all trapped by the powers that be and we must transform ourselves to rise to the occasion. We are trapped because capitalism makes it impossible for us to see ourselves as one. It pits us against each other. We can never unite under capitalism. It's predator and prey, all the way.

Perhaps we need to think of ourselves as the same kind of animal. Most animals find the best way to live. Think of herds of buffalo or muskox, they live as one, in whatever way is best for everyone. The monkeys are more like humans and can live in a group that has toxic behavior. We are all experiencing life as a human. A very different kind of animal. Perhaps the most ridiculous animal of all, with our clothes, makeup, the way we walk and dance, so many things about us are ridiculous, but don't forget that ridiculousness has a very sacred aspect. If you think about it for a second, one could imagine that we all have something divine going through us, that makes us such a different kind of animal. The divinity is our consciousness. Knowing this, is what is unifying. Oh, you are my long lost brother...to feel this way about everyone. To leave the illusion of separation.

We can be controlled simply by the beliefs we hold. Chains and handcuffs are hardly necessary. It's like George Orwell's Animal Farm story.

"I call on my ancestors, I don't know them by name, I don't know where in the world they are from. But I ask them to help align my purpose with our highest collective purpose." someone else said that. Camus writes: "In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was an invincible summer within me." In this, lies our hope, we will break through our cemented world of slavery like a plant growing through a crack in the sidewalk.
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What would you do if after eating the best tasting meat you ever experienced you were told that it was flesh of baby human? Would you want more? I love lobster and shrimp. I used to love to eat meat. We grow tilapia where I live, in a small pond. For my birthday one year, we caught about 30 of them, cooked, and ate them. Before, that when we approached the pond, they would come over to us, afterwards they would hide. Upon discovering how intelligent they actually were, we stopped eating them. I need to stop eating sea food, its not easy. Sweets, coca cola, coffee, many foods that many love, are addicted to, but are bad for our bodies, cigarettes, unhealthy habits, sexuality; self-denial, discipline, ascetism, such are the challenges of this life. It is so much easier to rationalize. Perhaps morals are merely cultural constructs and weightless conventions. How noble really is one's character, assuming that this is important? What makes us human as compared to other animals, perhaps is our proclivity for existential conundrums. It seems there is no authority and one must find the answers within.

We could be like one of many tiny sperms swimming to the egg, the host, the holy grail, but only one, like Buddha will make it, while the rest never go beyond that short existence. As my friends slowly pass from this life, one by one, I can't help but ask myself, was that it? Was that all there was? How profound was that? It is so easy to ignore these existential questions as though they don't even exist, like most people probably do and then they die. Is it enough to just be alive or is it what we make of it? If you are living in a house that is on fire, what is your purpose? To get out of that house is your first purpose, maybe to try to save the others or put it out. So our first purpose, may simply be to survive and to heal the planet, but after that? To fulfill our potential, to be love, to help others, to help save and change the world, to save lives, to inspire, to enjoy life, to make people laugh, to share wisdom, to feed others, to save the environment, to save bees, there are endless answers to that question. To eat, might even be one.

Us vegetarians need meaty discussions to help us evolve and comprehend. Platitudes are like farts in that once they enter our consciousness, they serve no good purpose, if you will excuse my vulgarity. Lets dive deeply together and pluck up those pearls of wisdom that lie within us.