volunteer Vilcabamba Ecuador

Welcome to Ecovillage Chambalabamba! an area of community experience in development. You can spend time participating in the Volunteer's Program which includes organic gardening, agroforestry implementation, biodynamics, natural construction, art workshops, creative projects, alternative school, carpentry, vegetarian cuisine, Hatha yoga, jewelry, etc. You could also experience the dynamic organization of this living experiment, in which we are creating a caring and sustainable culture. Living with each other, we cooperate and share resources so that we can live more lightly and joyfully on earth.

We are currently under construction and development of homes, veggie gardens, medicinal gardens, and educational projects, where daily work with physical effort is required, but there is also the chance to get involved in intellectual and spiritual work. Here you will find a balance for a fulfilling life.

It is very important that the volunteer has a sense of community and the desire to live, even temporarily, within those parameters.

For a better integration and learning, we require you to stay a minimum of one month (the first 3 nights of this period staying outside the community). If the volunteer wishes to stay longer, then the residents will hold a meeting to decide upon that, with a maximum stay of 3 months. We are also open to new residents, either families with children, couples or singles.

A weekly contribution of $20 per person is required for general expenses of the community, since we are not self-sufficient just yet.